Peter Somoff

PeterSomoff250x250Utdrag av presentation av Peter Somoff från USBC då han blev Guld Coach 2015, en nivå som USBC beskriver som att bli doktor inom sitt område. Dvs den högsta utbildningsnivå som finns. Några videos längre ner.

ARLINGTON, Texas – Bowling coach Peter Somoff of Tacoma, Washington have received United States Bowling Congress Gold certification and are ready to use his knowledge and experience to help others excel.

The process of becoming a USBC Gold coach, the highest level that can be achieved through the USBC Coaching Certification and Development Department, is similar to obtaining a doctorate in a field of study. The addition of Somoff brings the list of active Gold coaches to 21.

Peter Somoff, the Director of Global Technical Communications for Storm Products, spends much of his time conducting seminars about bowling balls, drilling techniques and other pro-shop-related topics, but his role also allows him to spend a lot of face time with bowlers eager to improve on the lanes.

Over the years, he has served a variety of roles with Storm and now covers a territory that includes Africa, Australia, Europe and the Middle East, where he meets with pro shops and their customers directly to educate them about the company’s products.

The 58-year-old has owned or operated more than a dozen pro shops during his career in the bowling industry, and he is an International Bowling Pro Shop and Instructors Association (IBPSIA) Master Instructor.

Competitively, Somoff earned two Professional Bowlers Association regional titles during a PBA career that spanned from 1982-2003.

”I’m honored for this distinctive and unique award, and I would like to thank my family at Storm, my friends in the industry and my loved ones for their support,” Somoff said. ”In earning this recognition, I feel a great responsibility to not only teach the lessons that have been learned through research and experience, but also be aware and forge ahead in learning, openly working with other coaches globally and teaching the latest information in this ever-changing sport. I am very grateful for this opportunity.”

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