Fix your cracked urethane ball. SUF Strom Urethane Fix. Eng version

590 kr

Stroms Uretan Fix SUF repairs your cracked urethane bowling ball. Probably a world-unique method (I or those I know in the industry know no one else who can fix urethane balls). SUF, a method that has finally solved one of the major problems of the urethane balls. Separation. Separation is when the core is released from the shell and the ball sounds ”hollow”. After years of development and refinement of the SUF method, to repair cracked urethane balls, it is time to let bowlers have their possibly cracked urethane balls repaired instead of throwing them away. When your broken balls has been repaired, you will be part of my several years of long-term follow-up (voluntary of course) to see if the repair is permanent, ie that the urethane ball even has better strength after SUF than before. No SUF-repaired ball has separated yet, so go for a lifelong relationship with your urethane ball.

Listen! Some examples of repaired urethane balls 1. Before SUF Separated uretan. After SUF, repaired! 2. Innan SUF, Separated uretan. After SUF, repaired. 3. Innan SUF, Separated. After SUF repaired!

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Since the birth of the urethane balls in 1982, the separation of the shell and core of the urethane balls has been a major and insoluble problem. The problems accelerated with the great success of Pitch Blacks, Hammers urethans and other new urethane balls in recent years. It is a common problem that even today's urethane balls often "cracks". You notice it clearly when you knock on the ball or when it hits the pins, it sounds hollow. Before Stroms Uretan Fix SUF, it was only a matter of throwing the ball away if the warranty period had expired. There was no way to fix cracked urethane spheres then. Now there is, now there is Stroms Uretan Fix, SUF.

Stroms Uretan Fix SUF, is ​​a method which, among other things, involves epoxy-injecting extremely easy-flowing two-component resin into a vacuum chamber. As you did before in wooden lanes and as you do now to, for example, repair concrete cracks. That is, the method is common in the industry. SUF costs SEK 590 and takes one week. Shipping back and forth is included and also a complete renovation, including possible filling of balance holes, worth SEK 490. All balls (right now September 2021,about 30 balls) that have undergone SUF have succeeded. Should the ball be separated again next year, a new free treatment is included or you get all the money back. If the ball is so cracked (has never happened yet) and not even SUF works, you do not have to pay anything at all, you get all the money back then.

Stroms Bowlingshop has expanded its repair and renovation machine park and now has the most modern and best available to be able to renovate the ball powerfully but carefully. Here are videos etc. on similar or exactly the same machines that Stroms Bowlingshop has. Two automatic, absolutely amazing Storm surface factory (2017, 2020) a Mirka ball system (2020), three Haus machines (gen 1, 2010, gen 2, 2012, gen 2, 2016) ultrasonic machines for 10 balls simultaneously (2018, 2020. 2021) and three spinners (2010, 2015).

Before SUF

Before, NOTE must be seen with sound, it is the sound that is most important. Before you can clearly hear the hollow sound of a cracked modern urethane ball.

Efter SUF

Efter genomgången Ströms Uretan Fix SUF, så hörd du ingenting av detta ihåliga ljudet. Klotet är lagat!