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Stroms Grip-Guide is a professional flexible tool for measuring the bowler’s grip.

A grip in a bowling ball usually consists of sizes of fingers and thumb, length between the fingers and thumb. Angles on the holes and the ovality of the holes. All this can be measured with the Grip-Guide. Even modern two-handed without a drilled thumb can also be easily measured.

  1. If you are used to similar plexiglass measuring tools, then you use Grip-Guide in almost exactly the same way.
  2. Grip-Guide has more oval holes, significantly more flexible size so you can always and should have with you so you are always ready to measure your customers’ hands and sizes.
  3. Grip-Guide also has complementary software so you can better understand and find the right length and angles.
  4. Grip-Guide is also so simple that you can send it to customers along with instructions so that customers who are too far away can measure their hands themselves.
  5. Bowling alleys should have a Grip-Guide so they can easily measure bowlers in their hall and order everything from new balls to inserts of the right size for their customers.

Grip-Guide is needed and now it is available.

Instructions can be found on this page

Here are instructions in English PDF

  • Made of cast just over half cm thick acrylic, extremely durable.
  • Laser cut details with 1/100 inch accuracy.
  • Total size only 225 * 137 * 6 mm.
  • Dimensions of the holes are all sizes from the smallest normal drill, 1/2, to a large 1 1/16 oval to 1 1/8. Including half sizes.
  • The holes have a four-size oval. Ie 7/8 is drilled 7/8 and oval to 15/16.
  • Finger length can be taken from 2 to 6 inches, ie 99% of all hands' finger lengths.
  • Can be supplemented with tables so that angles can be drilled correctly.
  • Each Grip-Guide is numbered with a unique serial number where the date of manufacture and other info are entered.
  • Tel, email www address is also included on Grip-Guide to easily find the latest info and where you can find answers to any questions.